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Where is the region?
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What is the landscape of the region?
The Atlantic Maritime region, or Appalachian Highlands, covers 2 percent of Canada’s area. Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island and parts of Quebec make up the Appalachian highlands and the Gaspé Peninsula. There are many different kinds of physical features — wooded uplands, fertile lowlands, and an 11,200-kilometres-long shoreline. Offshore lie the Atlantic and Northwest Atlantic Marine ecozones, which the Maritime provinces and Quebec share with Newfoundland.The Appalachian Mountains, this region’s dominant feature, extend from Newfoundland into the eastern United States. Once higher than the Rockies, these uplands formed 500 million years ago. Over time, weathering eroded the peaks. Except for Prince Edward Island’s fertile fields, the interior is a land of rounded hills and narrow river valleys. Bold headlands rear up in the Gaspé Peninsula, shown left near Percé, Quebec. Along Nova Scotia’s coast, the bays have long served as fishing ports and harbours. The Atlantic Region


What is the climate of the region?
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Summer: Newfoundland

The graphs show monthly average of the minimum and maximum daily temperatures. Precipitation is any kind of water that falls from the sky as part of the weather. This includes drizzle, rain, hail, sleet, or snow.
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Fall: Nova Scotia
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Winter: Sackville, New Brunswick


What wild animals can you find in the region?


What kinds of plants can you find in the region?


Where do people live in the region?


What foods are produced and consumed in the region?


How do people earn a living in the region?


How do goods and people move in the region?

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