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Cypress Hills
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The Stray Horse Named Star

One day Tyler's horse named Blazer stepped in a gohper hole and spranded his ankle. So Tyler and Joe carefuly loaded him up and took him to the vet in Maple Creek. The vet Tim said"Ihave to wrap Blazers ankle and make sure you do not ride him for at leat three weeks."Tyler mumbled "Well ok." So they loaded him up and took him home.

Tyler, Joe, Adam and Brinda had to chase the fat old heffers to the AX. The problem was they needed four horse the cows home one on each side one in the front and one in the back.If he rode the quad it would take for ever to chase the cows to the AX because the loud nose scares them.

Bill and Helen were Joes Mom and Dad.They wre waiting at the ranch for Joe, Brinda, Tyler and Adam to get the to the heffers to the pasture so they can open and close the gate.So the cows couldn't get back out.Tyler aially decides to saddle up one of Joe's horses. Then all of the sudden a horse came wondering into the yard. He let Tyler pet him and and rube his legs. So he put the saddle blanket on him. Then put the saddle on and do it up. Then put the bit in his mouth and the rest of the bridle on. Veryslowly and carefuly hop on him.

Tyler named him Star because he ahd a big star on his forhead. Tyler rode him to the house and showed every one his new horse Star.Star done the best job keeping the cows going the right way.

The End

My horses name is Star to. He is a big sorrel quarter horses.

tyler.jpgthis is Tyler
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This is a picture of Bill and Helen Gilchrist.
They are my Grandpa and Grandmas neighbor.
Thier ranch is about 2 miles away from my
Grandpa and Grandmas farm. I spend so much
time there that there like my Grandpa and Grandma
sask. road 21, near robsart 1
sask. road 21, near robsart 1

This is the AX